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EP 17 | Look Me In The Eyes

Episode 17 Show Notes:

In the first segment, Mikey reveals how selling his house and his upcoming move has prevented him from being in the shop and posting in Instagram. Mikey mentions some upcoming trips he will be taking for work. Kyle describes how social media presence impacted the presenter at a meetup. He explains how some projects have setbacks and certain decisions need to be made to maintain workflow despite delays.

In the main segment, they discuss stress and burnout and ways to manage them. Kyle describes the frequency and timing of his burnouts and how he takes time to step away from work. He offers encouragement to push through those walls because of what is on the other side. Mikey goes more into depth on why he is struggling with burnout and one of the ways he has found that helps.

They change the direction of the conversation to a social media trends. Kyle shouts out to a YouTuber that Mikey suggested in Episode 3. Mikey explains how Instagram uses algorithms to eliminate fake accounts.

In the last segment, Kyle reveals what he did for his wife for Mother’s Day. Mikey gives a recommendation for a movie he recently watched and they both list their doppelgangers. Mikey has been watching a magician on YouTubeand recalls his special guest at his housewarming party when he moved into this current home. Kyle confirms he has a customized product coming, but computer problems has it tied up in transit. Kyle reads the review of the week from iTunes and Mikey reminds listeners that voting is still open for the Best Construction Podcast of 2018.Kyle shares his YouTube posting schedule and urges someone to buy Mikey’s house.

EP 16 | Three Wolf Moon Shirt

Episode 16 Show Notes:


In the first segment Mikey shares that he hasn’t been in the shop because he has been getting his house ready to go on the market. He gives us the reason why he prefers to post current content on Instagram and how his partnership with a tool company is helping them grow. They both agree on how important brand ambassadors and content creators are for companies wanting to have an online presence, such as in Ed’s case.

Kyle updates us on his current project and a symposium he attended recently. He talks about how he balances posting on social media and being present at events. They both discuss the pros and cons of different drones and how certain media files allow more post-processing options. Kyle explains how ordering materials and build-time is affecting future projects and bids.

Mikey tells us who came to visit him while they were in town and how he is figuring out how to move his tools to his new shop. Kyle reveals what projects he and his brother have been working on and how his parent’s house project is moving forward.

They both discuss niche tools and how competition between the bigger tool brands differs from smaller tool brands when it comes to secrecy with their production and products.

In the final segment, Mikey reads a few reviews from iTunes. Kyle informs us that the podcast was nominated for the Best Construction Podcast of 2018 and encourages listeners to vote for the If You Build IT Podcast. They both encourage listeners to add a review to iTunes. Mikey admits his pet peeves when it comes to movie theaters and Kyle got to go camping with his son’s Boy Scout troop.

EP 15 | The Project That Shall Not Be Named

Episode 15 Show Notes:


In the first segment, Mikey updates us on a woodworking project he is working on as well as his recent travels and a local meetup he attended. Ed tells us more about work operations and is ready to explain the super-secret project that has consumed a lot of his time at work.

Ed discloses the name of the project, CutRocket, a project sharing site for CNC users. He talks about the goals behind the project, as well as why it was started. He describes how users are able to upload projects and their files from different types of software and how it is able to sort projects by the type of machine, type of material, project type, and more. Each file also includes cutters used, pictures, and simulations.

After discussing some projects that have been uploaded, Ed shares the story on the original reason why he wanted to make his own CNC machine. One of the users uploaded a project that reminded him of it and how that made his 15-year path come full-circle.

Next, website navigation is explained and how people can get started without making an account. He also outlines the vetting process to make sure that the projects are able to be replicated. He talks about future updates and upgrades that he would like to see implemented. Both Mikey and Ed ask for users to provide feedback with this new software so that it can keep improving.

In the final segment, Mikey and Ed give a few show recommendations. Ed tells us what has replaced his video game time and they end the show with a shout out to Kyle and the review of the week.

EP 14 | There Is No Such Thing As A Free Tool

Episode 14 Show Notes:


In the first segment, Mikey admits that he has been putting projects on hold so he can check items off of his to-do list. He also gives examples of a couple of ways that he saves time and energy. Ed expands on what his workday is like and how his project-sharing site has been exceeding his expectations. Kyle shares his goals for his next project and has high hopes for the weather. They all give their opinion on weather apps.

In the main segment, Ed asks Kyle about the first tool he received through a sponsor. Kyle explains why he is not a tool reviewer and how he responds to every company asking to send him items. Mikey details his first non-tool sponsorship and then surprises both Ed and Kyle when he reveals the first tool he received because of his social media presence. They consider options on what to do when they receive tools or products that are not the quality that they expect. Ed, as a product creator, describes why his company has offered free products and the importance of communication between vendors and recipients. They point out why being honest with the community portrays integrity. Ed describes what he looks for when someone requests a free tool and Kyle  gives his explanation why there is nothing wrong with getting paid by a sponsor to promote tools.

In the final segment, Ed hasn’t done anything too exciting, Mikey describes an afternoon occurrence at work, and Kyle and his wife made a decision to sell something that has memories attached. Mikey gives a challenge to each of them for the next episode and reads a review from their podcast page on iTunes.

EP 13 | Don't Fly with Brass Knuckles

Episode 13 Show Notes:

In Episode 13, Kyle, Mikey, and Ed bring us up to date now that they are back from vacation.

They start off the episode by describing what they did when they got back to real-life. Mikey talks about a new method he tried with one of his projects and how he has been acquiring new tools and upgrades left and right. Kyle and Mikey debate the benefits of going cordless in the shop and Ed and Mikey discuss an improved version of the peg board. Kyle wrapped up one job and started another. Ed recounts his trip to a trade show for work and how much he enjoyed it. He also reports that a need was filled for his company.

Next, they bring up the topic of live social media engagement and connecting with followers in general. Mikey shares how the community allows him to make new friends and get feedback on different projects, but that being able to help others is really important to him. Kyle agrees and expresses how he finds value in having a tribe and knowing the work he is putting into the community is worth it.

They switch gears and discuss YouTube and how important it is to keep adding content despite low initial view counts. Ed encourages Mikey to keep posting and Kyle gives a really great analogy about being consistent with posting content.

In the last segment, Mikey describes what he got to do while in India. He also reveals a potential work trip that he was told about. Ed has a new a pocket knife recommendation and we learn what NOT to bring on a plane. They all give their opinion on different types of fishing. Kyle has been spending time with his kids and they also have a YouTube channel recommendation.

EP 12 | Vacation All We Ever Wanted

Episode 12 Show Notes:


In the first segment, Mikey describes what he learned and built while in the shop with his mentor. In addition, he got to tour a tool company that he will be partnering with and he announces his next phase for YouTube. Kyle talks about how he and his crew have been pounding out some smaller jobs. He lets us know what he looks for in an employee and he is excited that another person who fits the bill is now working with him. Ed discusses his work environment and what can get on his nerves. He also asks Kyle if size matters when it comes to ease of workflow. Kyle reveals upcoming trips and partnerships.

In the main segment, the guys share their thoughts regarding vacations. Since Mikey already mentioned where he was going last week, Ed andy Kyle disclose where they are going and they discuss some of their plans while they are gone. Kyle admits that he will still be doing some work while he has some downtime but is looking forward to relaxing. Ed agrees with Kyle and points out the trade offs of being an entrepreneur versus working for someone else. Mikey gives a little more information on where he will be going. They continue to propose podcast merchandise and what they will do once they reach 100,000 downloads.

In the final segment, Ed plays with his toy and talks about a visit from his sister. Mikey used his travel time for work to walk down memory lane. Kyle and his son were helping his dad with his house and his family has a new addition.

EP 11 | Straight To Eleven

Episode 11 Show Notes:

In the first segment, Kyle talks about starting two separate builds this week and while on the subject of suppliers, they touch on how logistics and vendors play a role in how smooth a business can run. Mikey is back in the shop working on a new, secret project. He holds in his excitement for his upcoming video releases and announces a giveaway for his YouTube subscribers. He also shares his perspective on followers and subscribers. Ed discusses how he has been tackling some not-so-glamorous parts of business ownership, but finds these important and behind the scene tasks oddly fulfilling.

In the main segment, they dig deeper into why their intensity level goes Straight to Eleven. While in this discussion, they discover a common bond that each of them overcame while they were growing up. They give some examples of how they have gone Straight to Eleven and how their intensity levels can find boundaries they didn’t know existed. Ed uses the word of the week and it has both Mikey and Kyle stumped.

After revealing they will have in-depth show notes, Mikey and Kyle confess their encounters with books when they were younger and how audiobooks and podcasts have been a great way for them to learn. Ed shares what he uses to unplug from technology.

In the last segment, Kyle reveals how he gets in a little extra exercise while he unwinds. Mikey adds that he appreciates crossovers from one community and culture to another. He then talks about an upcoming adventure to see family abroad. Ed tells us about a new toy and his plans for it.